How to Use Plants in Modern Interior Design

Every homeowner who wants a beautiful home needs to implement a well thought-out interior design. You may wonder how much you will spend for such beautification, which depends on your preferences. There is no limit to what you could accomplish with the amount of ideas there in terms of design.


The simple fact is that you don’t have to spend so much money to make your home look beautiful. Many people prefer a simple Zen-like interior for their homes, and this is very common today. There are many ways to transform your home into a zen retreat. One of the easiest methods to accomplish this is through the use of plants.


To give you some other ideas, here are five easy ways you can use plants in modern interior design:


1. Using Cacti Plants

Out of the 2,000 species of cacti, there is only one genus called Rhipsalis which is native to Madagascar in Africa. Cacti are great for decoration as they need very little in the terms of upkeep and help release oxygen on a daily basis.

Cacti look good in about any home and for good results with your cacti, put it in a ceramic base with fine sand. This will make your interior look exotic, and can be used in any style of home.


2. Green Design

Another approach to using plants in modern interior design is to go green. This means the plants you can use are those that usually grow in tropical regions. Green plants are not sensitive, so you won’t find it difficult to maintain them.


However, they need sunlight and constant watering. Because of this, it’s best to place them near the windows or in any place where sunlight can penetrate inside. This will not only keep your green plants healthy, but will bring some aesthetic look to your home.


3. Bringing Ornamental Outdoor Garden Plants Inside

Believe it or not there are some vegetable plants that are ornamental that can really spruce up the interior of your home. Not only will they look good, but you can harvest these vegetables for extra goodies for your salads.

Whether these plants of indoors or outdoors they need to make sure they are well watered and get plenty of sunshine. Having a watering schedule with these plants is important indoors. Outdoors are easier if you have timed sprinklers, although if your sprinkler stops working, you should immediately look for a lawn sprinkler repair service near you.


4. Plant Boxes in Your Homes Corners

You may also notice that some modern homes have plants in every corner of their interiors. If you wish to have the same for your home, choose plants that grow taller but not wider. You can see them in most modern hotels nowadays.


5. Decorative Herbs for the Countertops

In the kitchen, you can place decorative herbs on the countertops. This will make your kitchen look rich and vibrant with that extra dab of greenery. Not only do they look good, but you will never have to worry about buying these herbs fresh from the market. Furthermore, plants inside your kitchen may reduce moisture and humidity, and absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.



Most interior-design concepts for modern homes incorporate the use of different types of plants. The only challenge is to choose which plant is appropriate for a particular home because every modern interior design is unique.


The above tips may be useful in your home design. Nonetheless, you can ask for some professional advice to help you figure out a good interior design for your home using plants.

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