How to Perform a Landscaping Project Safely

Whether it is not feasible to have your grounds professionally landscaped because of cost or if you just want the satisfaction of a DIY project, always keep safety in mind. This is one area of do-it-yourself projects that many homeowners fail to recognize the importance of. Here are a few tips on how to perform a landscaping project safely so that you can enjoy your lovely new grounds without any ‘what could have been avoided’ mishaps.

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Know Your Limitations

Sometimes things look much easier than they are. Living in the age of the information superhighway, the internet, it is easy to find landscaping tutorial videos on such sites as YouTube. Don’t those pros make it look simple to operate a backhoe when preparing soil to be landscaped? Have you ever operated heavy equipment? If not, at least hire a professional to do the prep work before you begin the actual artistic elements of a landscaping project. From knowing your personal limitations to understanding elements of safety such as hearing protection, it is always best to take extra time to plan your project safely.

Plan Well in Advance

A vital part of any landscaping project is to plan well in advance so that nothing is rushed to completion. Being hurried often leads to accidents that could have been avoided if proper time and care were devoted to any element of the project. This is often the case when landscaping too close to seasonal changes. Yes, you would like a new circular drive with lovely bordering shrubbery, but late autumn is definitely not the time to begin work. That first freeze is just around the corner and can cause you to rush when proper care should be taken – especially when using heavy equipment.

Is Eye or Hearing Protection Needed?

So many of the tasks involved in landscaping call for the use of tools and equipment that require safety gear for protection. Chopping down trees, for example, would necessarily call for high quality eye and hearing protection. If you have any doubts as to how important safety issues like hearing protection are, take a few moments to read what OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety Administration) has to say on the subject. Each year tens of thousands of workers exposed to loud noises suffer permanent hearing loss as a result. Granted a landscaping project won’t expose you to noise over extremely long periods of time, but the decibels are what you need to be concerned with.

Landscaping & Community Safety

Safe landscaping requires a good deal of common sense when it comes to personal or community safety. Not only should you be concerned with your own personal safety, but keep in mind those aspects of landscaping that could cause harm to the community at large. In California, for example, there are seasons when wildfires run rampant so burning is strictly forbidden. Have you taken down trees and shrubs that need to be burned? If there is even a remote threat of fire spreading, never burn. Wait until conditions are favorable and get a permit if required in your locale.

If you take proper care and consideration of safety, there is no reason why you can’t accomplish a lovely landscaping project. Keep these tips in mind and you will avoid mishaps and accidents along the way. The only thing better than a project well done is a project done safely.

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